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Justin Noel


Principal Consultant

Justin is one of Australia’s most respected Indigenous communications, research and facilitation consultants. He is a Dhungutti man who grew up in Western Sydney.

Justin has extensive and diverse experience in social marketing policy development, training, recruitment, coaching, health and human services. He specialises in the provision of strategic advice and contextual analysis.

Justin leads the Origin Team in the provision of professional and personal service to clients, communities and candidates. He is committed to providing the highest level of consultancy services, raising the positive profile of Indigenous people and communities and supporting corporate and government agencies in developing inclusive business practices. He facilitates workshops, consultations and delivers leadership development in work with corporate executives, government staff, Indigenous communities and organisations.


Origin Communications Australia represents the most experienced and comprehensive range of skills specialising in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communications, strategy development, advertising, public relations, research, facilitation, and recruitment.

Our team is comprised primarily of Indigenous Australians (both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) and other team members with extensive experience working with Indigenous people and issues.

We pride ourselves on our independence and high quality consultation services and strategic advice. We provide impartial, considered and honest consultancy advice with a focus on effective issues management planning and experience with communities.

Our wide range of services includes:

  • National campaign development including communications strategy, advertising and collateral.
  • Communications and social marketing advice on resources and training.
  • Social research, evaluations and concept testing with stakeholder groups, community members and organisations.
  • Public relations advice, issues management and relationship building.
  • Facilitation of forums, conferences, seminars, workshops and consultations.
  • Strategic advice and policy analysis for Government Departments, Statutory Authorities, Community Organisations and the Corporate Sector.
  • Training and support in cultural competencies, communications skills, governance, management, research, workplace development, mentoring.


Our strength is the national scope and extensive experience embodied in our personnel and portfolio expertise.
Our work includes consulting to government, corporate and community sectors in the fields of:

  • Employment
  • Training
  • Youth
  • Media
  • Health
  • Mental health
  • Arts
  • Culture
  • Governance
  • Child protection
  • Child care

Australia's Indigenous Consultancy Specialists